Pear shaped women carry weight around the hips and thighs so it is important to balance the upper body with the hip area. Well fitted wider leg trousers or bootlegs are recommended, while avoiding skinny jeans or leggings. Baggy clothing is not a good option and instead should be replaced by tops and dresses that highlight the waist. V necks always look good on pear shaped women, as do wrap-shirts and belted dresses. A-line or flared skirts are an option if worn with fitted tops or jackets that accentuate a slim waistline.

Pear shaped women should stick to darker colours below and brighter colours on top, this will help draw the eye upwards away from the hip area. Too many fussy details on jeans and trousers should be avoided, as smooth lines create a slimmer illusion around the hip area.Outfits should be accessorised with earrings or necklaces as this also helps draw attention to the upper part of the body.