Booking a Body Forum

The most fundamental rule for dressing is to know one’s own style and to recognise its possibilities and limitations. It is important to adopt a mode of dressing that is simple, tasteful, elegant and accentuates a woman’s character and personality. The result is a new inner confidence and the means to achieve and succeed without boundaries.

Andrea Cohen, Managing Director, NUMBER 35

The Body Forum™ has been developed by Andrea Cohen, designer and founder of fashion retailer number 35

Andrea believes the majority of women have insecurities about their appearance that hold them back in all aspects of their lives. With her understanding of the female psyche, Andrea firmly believes that by instilling confidence in women about their appearance and offering tips and advice – this can go a long way to empowering them.

To Andrea, the wearing of an outfit is the final piece of the jigsaw. The first piece is understanding ourself and being confident with who we are. The end result of the crucial process is choosing and purchasing clothes that perfectly fit and enhance the natural figure and shape of a woman in order to imbue real confidence.


Andrea hosts a Body Forum for individual clients every 3 months. The Body Forums are an intimate evening of discovery. Along with no more than 14 other participants, you will learn about your body shape and how to enhance your figure by  choosing clothes that flatter. Confidence boosting tips and tricks will be demonstrated to help build your self esteem and inner poise.

Refreshments will be provided and a chance to chat informally with Andrea and the number35 team.

Book now for our next Body Forum for just £20.00 via our online booking form.


Andrea Cohen designer and founder of number 35 also hosts corporate Body Forum workshops onsite. The aim to help employees dress with confidence for their work environment. The art of dressing for the corporate world has slowly diminished.

Aside from helping individuals to learn to accept their body shape, Andrea will also demonstrate techniques, that can help to create a more positive body image and tips on how to look taller, slimmer and more authoritative.

Your team will leave the session with clear, concise and practical guidelines to maintain their creative and confident change.

To find out more please follow the enclosed link and fill in your details, one of our team will respond immediately.