Body Shapes

What are the key body shapes?

As specialist fashion designers at number 35, we see many women on a daily basis who have trouble finding clothes that fit well. In the past, many have ‘just made do’ with their clothing. At number 35 we start with advising on how to identify the garments that will match your body shape perfectly. Badly styled and fitted clothing in the ‘throw away’ fashion category can now be a thing of the past.

The first step is to understand what your body shape is. At number 35 we work with 4 body types and although not everyone might be a prominent one, the most important thing is to know what shape your figure is most closely aligned to. For tips and tricks on your body shape, click the relevant links below.



Hourglass - curvy with a small waist
Typical hour glass shape is Marilyn Monroe





Apple - rounded tummy, thinner on the limbs
Typical Apple shape is Adele



Pear - fuller around the hip area
Typical pear shape is Kim Kardashian





Rectangle - Taller, straighter and willowy
Typical Rectangular shape is Elle McPherson