Body Forum

What is the Body Forum™?

The Body Forum™ is a tool designed to help women create inner peace and harmony within. The key is to understand your body image and how that image is portrayed to the outside world, what it illustrates and why it matters. Most women unfortunately have a negative body image, which is compounded by the pressure of the outside world and the creation of the ‘body perfect’ by the media. Research has shown that constant exposure to the ‘body perfect’ in fashion magazines has a proven negative effect as to how women see themselves. Negative thoughts about our body image are alterable, it’s simply a habit that needs changing.

The Body Forum is a new concept in personal development for women. It has been created for women to identify and banish negative thoughts and habits and to replace them with new positive thoughts and an improved confident self image.



At number 35 we use the Body Forum™ to offer guidelines on what to wear for your body shape.

By knowing and accepting your body shape and by learning to dress to your strengths, this will have a positive effect on your inner psyche, consequently making you feel good about yourself, leading higher self esteem. At number 35 our ethos is to bring an inner beauty and outer confidence to our clients, by encouraging self belief and feeling good about what they wear and how they wear it.  It isn't JUST about the clothes, it's simply about acceptance of ourselves.

The Body Forum’s main aim is to help dispel negative thoughts that women have, it is about acceptance of what is, and creating positive anchors to feel comfortable within our own skin.