Apple shaped women carry more weight around their tummies. To optimise their look, those with this shape should choose clothes that elongate the body such as V necks, tailored jackets and straight trousers. Other suggestions include wearing mono colours or opting for a good print that produces an all-over image effect.

Apple figures should wear solid fabrics as opposed to textured ones and avoid multiple pockets, zips and too many details on garments. When selecting prints, women with this shape should make sure that they camouflage and elongate, always choosing dresses that display a waistline just below the bust. This is often the slimmest point for an apple figure.

When choosing jackets, opt for designs that accentuate the waist and can be paired with either straight or well tailored wide leg trousers. Trousers with a pleated front should be avoided and pencil skirts should not be too short, as this will break up an apple shape instead of lengthening it.