This figure tends to have an equally proportioned bust, hip to waist ratio. Therefore wearing well fitted clothes emphasises the waist, an hourglass woman’s natural shape will be enhanced.

It is important not to over accessorise with layers and ruffles as this will make the hourglass shape appear bigger. Try looking for lighter stretch fabrics and clothes that nip in at the waist. When choosing outerwear and tops, belts prove a good option for this shape. Wrap-tops and blouses should be pulled in tightly at the waist, while jackets should end just above the hips to flatter curves.

Single colours look good on an hourglass figure and take care when ‘splitting’ colour. Vertical rather than horizontal designs are always favourable – even when it comes to necklines. A narrow V neck will look much better than a square neck.

Well tailored straight leg trousers are a great option for the hourglass shape, as are wide legs and bootlegs. Hourglass shapes should not wear skinny jeans and try to stay away from slim cropped trousers.